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Hello, How are you guys doing, I hope you are doing really good. I want to welcome you to my marketing Ideas site, and I Think you will find very good content about making money through the internet, I think that people like you and me can do this, Only if you know what you are doing, there is one thing that i would like to tell you and that is that, when you want something you have to work your but to get it. Start and never look back because you will succeed if you want it.


Being in Nicaragua I always wanted to make money from the comfort of my home, and when I started out doing everything I could It seems that It was imposible to make money, no matter what method I use, I couldn’t make money from home.

I started to buy softwares and i learn a little, I bought maybe 7 softwares worth thousands of dollars, and nothing seems to work, but i knew that ther had to be a way and I kept trying and trying.

Until one day I woke up and decided to buy my last software worth $49.00 dollars a month and took my knowledge to the next level. And here I am trying to help people to do exactly what I did, not the mistakes but all the good thins that will help you get knowledge on how to make money from the internet.

Helping Others will fullfill your happiness.

Helping other people will help you realize that life is not about achieving your goals, I think helping people will help you understand that making people happy will be your most satisfying thing you have ever done. Believe me when i say that it will satisfy you life.

When you see that you are making money from the internet, start saying thank you by doing something for other people.

Over the years I finally making money from the internet, not because I had bad softwares or bad tutorials, but because i had a bad mentallity. Just keep dreaming on your goals but always do it because you want to help not on what you are going to achieve.

Get A Good Mentallity, Listen to people that encourage you

Your mind will determine if you are going to succeed or you are going to fail, that is why it’s very important to have a positive mentallity in order to make money from the internet.

You are going to fail but you will raise if you have a positive mentallity, try not to make same mistakes and learn everything you can that will be the key of your mechanism to make money.

People Says a good practice leads to perfection

You will never know if you are doing it right if you do not practice, you need to do your homework in order to master the path you are going to take. Practice every day, even 5 or 10mns daily will help you achieve your goals.

Practice will guide you to make good decisions and better investment, for your journey of making money through the internet. Read ebooks, there is a ton of free ebook about making mone from home, try to watch as much as you can video tutorials, and most important practice what you are learning and then you will start to see results, it is the only way to succeed to this journey.


So have a look around, and if you ever have anthing to share in respect making money from the internet I would love to hear it.

Keep dreaming, Keep practicing…


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