How To Make Money Online With Product Reviews – The Easy Way

Make money Online reviewing products

I want to tell you that making money online is not as difficult as many Internet users have expressed it. It takes dedication and above all perseverance, and I think that with those two points is enough to make money online.

How To Make Money Online With Product Reviews

Reviewing products.

Many people surf the internet with the purpose of buying the most innovative at the moment, I could be the last iPhone, the best car, shirts, shoes, watches, etc.

But these people before buying need to have an idea of the product, and look for pages where they talk about the product they want to buy.

How To Make Money Online With Product ReviewsFor example if I want to buy a product in amazon and it has a value of $ 120 dollars, first I want to investigate about that product, if it has faults, or if it is a product in which I can assure that it is good.

Many products are sold through product review blogs, because it gives me better information about the product, many people will not buy the product but they get some type of information.

With the power of the internet you can find review of virtually any product you can imagine, even before it goes on sale.

Many bloggers make money this way, making blogs with review of specific products, even put 2 products to see which is the best of the two products.

The way to do it

First you must have a web page to write about the product, choose a product or 2 products that are related, for example an iPhone x and Samsung s9, which of the two is better?

I write the details of each product, and compare the prices and differences of each one and which of the two has the best product based on its price.How To Make Money Online With Product Reviews

And then I make each product or each photo of the product have a link that redirects me to a page that sells the product and when I sell it I can have a commission on the product, for example 10 or 15%.

The reviews are excellent to be able to have a lot of traffic on a web page, even when it has been 2 years since the product went on sale.

What products can you review?

You can review any product that has commission payment, for example Amazon.com

Amazon has millions and millions of products where you can write your reviews and earn commissions if you get the customer to buy with your affiliate link.

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You can make revisions of digital products, for example, ebook, software, applications etc.

There are several companies that offer products of this type like clickbank, jvzoo, which are the pages that I used to earn very good commissions and generate a good profit.

Clickbank offers you even 75% commissions where you can earn a lot of money if you can get your visitors to buy through your affiliate link.

You have to do your research before writing any product, because when a customer wants to buy something you want good product information, and you can give advice on how to use it or how not to use it.

Many companies now use this method of payment by commission, Walmart, Kmart, jcpenney, macys etc.
How To Make Money Online With Product Reviews
How To Make Money Online With Product ReviewsHow To Make Money Online With Product Reviews

Companies have realized that with this way of working, they don’t need to do advertising because the writer of the product makes all the publication they need to sell the product, they have even realized that they earn millions of dollars with this method without making any publicity .

The person who writes about a certain product is the one who does the hard work, pays publicity so that your page can have as many visits as possible, share it on the most visited platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

Sooner or later you will have traffic

Many people who write product reviews are discouraged from continuing to write about the product because they do not receive the expected visits, but that is normal.

To be able to have constant visits you must write content on your website, you have to be consistent in the reviews, and giving a good comment will make your page visited by many people if you do an honest review.

How To Make Money Online With Product Reviews

Something important when you write reviews is that when you do it, do it honestly because if the buyer notices that you are lying and that you do the review only to earn commission, Let me tell you that you are going in the wrong direction, they will know and in a very short time you will realize that they do not visit your page because you have lied to them and that is dangerous for your business.

You have to write content and you must be honest in your reviews, and a very good way to find good reviews is by going to the comments of the products, there you will have a lot of information about the product and you will be able to write information on what the people who bought that product and what they think of that product.

Keep in mind something important

In this business you will have people who are doing the same as you, so you should write as much as you can to be on top of your competition.

How To Make Money Online With Product Reviews

Imagine the iPhone x, how many people are doing a post and a review of this product? Possibly thousands of people are doing it, that’s why it’s important that you write several posts about this product and write no less than 1000 words in each post.

Google is so smart that if you write a good review and what you say makes sense then Google will give you a better position in their rankings.

The more you write about the product, the more authority you will have to google to position yourself well. For google, the most important thing on your page is content but not garbage content.

Content is king of getting traffic to your page, there is no other better way to do it even if you are paying for traffic. You have to write content and the more content you make the better position you will have.


Last words

How To Make Money Online With Product ReviewsOne of the ways to make money is doing reviews but is not so easy at the beginning, as I told you before, you must write content and you will have recognition by google and it will give you good position.

I advise you to write at least 2 post or reviews weekly to have good results, and you must do it for 2 or 3 months without missing and you will see that in a short time you will have your post or your reviews on the first page of google and you will have an infinite source of traffic to be able to obtain sales through your affiliate link.

Remember content is your business, don’t forget it.

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