Tips On How To Make $2,000 Dollars A Month

how to make 2000 dollars a monthWe all dream of working from home and without having to meet schedule. We all look for our financial independence and what I am going to teach you next is a method that has already been on the market for years and is gaining more popularity.

Maybe your question is how to make $2,000 dollars a month or even $3,000, the thing is that if you put hard work to it you will make that amount or even more.

This is called Affiliate Marketing with clickbank and you do not need any kind of experience or investment to start generating income.

The Clickbank Affiliate system is a system where you can sell other people’s products and earn a commission.

This system is not about selling door to door, nor is it a multilevel system, this is an online system where you can sell products that are not yours through the internet and generate a profit of up to 75% per product. If you keep reading I will explain how it works and how easy it is to start with the system.

How does it work?

The first thing you should do is open a free clickbank account, it is very simple and when you open it you can access a market of a variety of products in all areas. Which you can choose and promote.how to make 2000 dollars a month

The platform is very simple to use. You can receive payments by check, bank transfer or you can receive your payments to your Payoneer international debit card that you can get for free.

How much money can I earn?

This is something that depends on you and how seriously you take this job. Clickbank provides you with the tools so you can earn money selling online. And there is no profit limit. For example, one of the most famous American affiliates is Pat Flynn, who has reported sales of over one million dollars a year on his Smart Passive Income blog.

Clickbank also provides you with a link for each product you want to sell which you can post on forums, facebook, twitter and any social network.

When Someone purchase is made through that link you earn a commission.

how to make 2000 dollars a monthBut something is certain and is that clickbank products are sold on the Internet because they have a very large receptive on the part of users. It will be easier to sell them than other products of affiliate programs.

There are cooking products, jobs, exercises, lose weight, e-books, how to earn money, applications, programs and much more. Clickbank is the platform with the largest digital products in the world and now they are selling physical products.

How to improve the sale of a product?

In clickbank there are many parameters that help you choose a quality product and not ask for a payment of your money. One of the parameters that I use personally and I think is the best you can use and be sure that the product does not get many returns is something called gravity.

Gravity is something that will give you a good signal if the product is good or bad. The bigger the score of gravity the better, I recommend that the gravity be greater than 20 that tells you that the product sells very well and that people like it.

Maybe you’re wondering how you can attract so many people for your link. Internet marketing is easier compared to marketing in real life. Today we have many methods that we can be used to promote your products and for free. Between them we have:

Publications on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Creation of videos on YouTube recommending the product

Share in forums

Create a list of emails and recommend your product

Even create a blog like this that you are reading and recommend products to your audience.

Here I want to explain a bit of how to buy traffic to generate fast sales

how to make 2000 dollars a monthAre you currently promoting products in Clickbank, but your sales are low? Maybe your problem in one case is the little qualified traffic you are generating. Not having a necessary amount of traffic to your site, affiliate offers, blogs, you will not get the expected benefits.

You may wake up in the morning and continually see $ 0 in commissions on your accounts. You must take action on the matter and fix this problem.

In this article I want to share with you some traffic strategies that you can be used to develop a correct promotion for Clickbank products (or other affiliate networks) that you are promoting or are going to start promoting, and how you can finally start receiving highly qualified visits, at the same time not start getting frustrated by getting fast sales.

This is the first traffic strategy:

1) Pay per click (PPC) to your promotion or website

how to make 2000 dollars a monthFor this strategy to work well for you, you will have to sell a high-priced item in Clickbank.

If you are promoting an ebook of this network that leaves you $ 19 commission, you should not use pay per click (PPC) to direct traffic to your site, unless you are creating a list of subscribers and then provide more recommendations products.

It will not leave you an acceptable profit return even if your conversion rate is high.

Instead, promote a product of high “gravity” that sells for $ 200 or more. Using the pay per click along with these products if you get a 50% commission sale for example, you will earn $ 100 per sale made.

Depending on your cost per click, ctr and a good marketing system, I’m sure you can make profits between $ 1000 and $ 1500 with a single product per month using this tactic.

But do not rely solely on paid advertising. There are other traffic strategies that you will have to be used to get more out of your campaigns for the Clickbank product that you are promoting. Here is another traffic strategy that you will have to use:

2) Blogging and content marketing

how to make 2000 dollars a monthThis is a very popular tactic that many affiliates be used to earn money with Clickbank. There are different ways to create blogs for the sale of clickbank products, but in the end all of them aim to achieve the same goal, get commissions.

The style of the blog and its structure are different and will depend on the strategy you be used to sell the product. But the good news is that you will not have to hire a developer to create attractive blog, today there are enough tools that will make your life easier.

Some people create blogs in the personal relationship style in a story mode. Other marketers create blogs that are basically “product reviews”.

Other affiliates create blogs that only offer excellent content, and encourage people to subscribe or buy the product they are promoting. You have to find out what kind of work style is best for you and start promoting.

Using both techniques, the PPC and blogs can start making a decent income in a few months and start making conversions on Clickbank or other affiliate programs.

Both concepts are simple, and if you are going to use PPC you can start with platforms like Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Google Adwords. If you are going to build blogs, WordPress as a content manager is the best and easy to manage solution to share relevant information about your products as an affiliate.

There are thousands of ways to market clickbank products. And the internet has thousands of online affiliate courses that can help you.

This article is a small introduction of what you can do with clickbank. What I like is that you sell the product and earn your commission. You have nothing to do with technical service or deal with the client. You own your work and the time it’s up to you.

Clickbank is one of many platforms to make money online. I am recommending this platform because it is the easiest to start earning money. Since they do not ask for any papers. And you can start instantly.

If you want to learn how to make money using the internet just put your email address and you will receive 10 videos classes completely free of charge.


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