What’s The Best Ways To Make Money Online – Make $15,000 A Month

If you entered this post, surely you want to know what’s the best ways to make money online. And, probably, you have already asked yourself: is it really possible to generate income online?

What's The Best Ways To Make Money Online

The answer to this question is yes, but do not think that we are going to give you a magic formula so you can invoice quickly and easily. At the end of the day, every gain is an effort and, to invoice a considerable amount like that, it is not different.

Let’s think together:

To earn $ 15,000 in 6 months you would need to bill, on average, $ 2,500 per month. In smaller numbers, that means $ 83 USD per day. If we think of hours or days worked per month, that value seems absurd and even impossible, do not you think?

It is to answer this and other questions we have made this post. We are going to show you how to make money online and prove to you that generating income online is something you can do even from your home. We will use here some ideas that emerged from the answers on the Quora.com website of the digital entrepreneur Rizwan Aseem.

Are we still going?

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How to get money on internet? Is it really possible?

With the Internet, we see that there is a growing number of people who earn more than someone who goes to work every day in a conventional job.

Because of these inspiring stories, we notice that the number of people who want to have that kind of life is also increasing, but they still do not know how to start.

Undoubtedly, the possibilities of online professions are innumerable, such as:

  • Digital Influencer;
  • Freelancer in different areas;
  • YouTuber;
  • Coach;
  • Insta Grammer Or Teacher;
  • Online teacher, etc.

And maybe it’s that range of options that end up causing many people to give up on the dreamed online job because they do not know which is the best option for them or because they do not fit in any of those areas.

However, if you really want to have more quality of life, time to spend with family and travel, remember that the Internet is a large and open market for all those who want to learn and are willing to try it.

Stories like those of Martín Giacchetta, for example, make us realize that it is possible to learn what is the best ways to make money from home

But if that possibility exists, why have you still not started?

And how can you earn as much money as the people you see on the Internet?

From now on, we will show you one of the ways you can follow to reach that goal and what anyone with knowledge that can be transmitted to others can do.

How to earn $ 2,500 per month?

Unless you have a conventional job with a management position or work with something that pays very well, you know that $ 2,500 a month is not a value normally paid by companies for their employees. But to reach the $ 15,000 dollars we talked about at the beginning of this post, 2,500 is the amount you need monthly.

Do you remember that we divided the $ 2,500 monthly per day and arrived at the value of $ 83 USD?

If you think of a clothing store during the Christmas period, for example, you will surely notice that it is possible to get that amount in one day.

But how would it work online?

You would need to sell something that is useful for your potential buyers, and nothing better than an online course that can help solve a daily problem. (If you still do not know what online courses are, read our post that explains everything about this topic by clicking here).

Suppose now that you have an online course and your goal is to sell one unit of that course per day. Then, you need to stipulate a price for your course that allows you to profit at least $ 83 daily.

To do this, you must perform the following calculation:

Add the benefit you need to have, which is $ 83, with the production and dissemination expenses of your course, plus the collection fee of the digital platform you choose to sell your material.

For example:

We will stipulate the price of your course at $ 114, which is a value practiced in the online market. If you choose Hotmart as your digital platform, the value of the fee will be around $ 11.

The value that remains will be what you will spend with the production and dissemination of your course. So, if you sell a product of $ 114 USD per day for 6 months you will have, at the end of this period, 180 units sold. This results in approximately $ 3,600 USD to pay your expenses with disclosure and production (since you’ll have $ 20 left over each time you sell a unit of your product).

Now you must be thinking: So I need to have $ 3,600 initial dollars to invest in the creation of an online course?

Calm down, you do not need all that courage at the beginning. Unless you have prepared financially before starting to start online, we know that most people do not have such a high value to invest.

Everything will depend on the type of material you want to produce and your skills and desire to learn. Because from the moment you learn to make an ebook, record and edit a video, create your own website, etc., your production costs begin to decrease.

In this way, it is up to you to assume all these functions or hire someone who can help you in those tasks.

In addition, disclosure expenses can also be measured. You can start creating online ads with a lower value and, little by little, increase the amount of money in the box of your ads (take the opportunity to learn how to advertise in Google Adwords).

The important thing is not to let money be a factor that prevents you from making an income online.

What are your goals?

Now that you know what you have to do to earn $ 15,000 in 6 months, it’s time to better understand what your goals will be to achieve that value.

Basically, you will have 3 goals:

  • You need to create a course that delivers a conversion for which your potential buyers believe it is worth paying $ 114 USD.
  • You must produce and disseminate your course so that people see that you have a product to sell.
  • You have to sell at least 180 units of this product in 6 months, that is, at least 1 product per day.

We know that these objectives are not easy, but these numbers allow you to see in a concrete way everything you need to do, that is, that is a SMART goal (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and temporary).

So, the next step is to create your course, and that’s what we’re going to show you from now on.


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How to make money online with digital courses?

You already know how much you need to earn and what you need to do to reach your goal of billing $ 15,000 in 6 months. Now, we will help you understand how you can create your digital course.

1. Find something you know how to do very well

The first step you need to create a digital course is to find something that you have a lot of experience in and that you really like.

Ideally, you should find knowledge that can be transmitted to other people, for example, something related to health, culinary, sports, finances, personal relationships and more.

For example:

  1. Let’s suppose that you are a psychologist specialized in serving couples with problems in the relationship.
  2. Or you’re a gamer and you think you can teach several tricks on how to play a certain game.
  3. Or, even more, you are a great cook who is always asked by the friends you cook, and you think you have several cooking secrets to share.
  4. Or people always praise the way you dress and have many tips on how to choose and match clothes.

It does not matter what your skill is. The important thing here is to define a niche to create a product with which you can teach that skill to someone.

2. Think about who you want to sell your product

Think of a group of people who have a problem that can be solved with your skills.

Still using the skill examples from the previous topic, you can think of:

Couples in crisis in the relationship;

Your friends who play the same game as you, but who still do not have that much skill;

Your friends who live alone and who spend their time leaving for later the time to learn to cook;

People who love to buy a lot of clothes, but who end up not using them because they do not know how to create interesting looks.

After that, ask two questions for at least 3 people from these groups:

Would you buy my course to solve your problem?

How much would you pay for it?

This is a way to validate your idea. If you get at least 3 people who agree to buy the course, start producing it.


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3. Create a viable minimum product

You already know what you can teach other people, validate your idea and start producing. But before disclosing the final form of your course, make a test product first.

We call this MVP test (minimum viable), or viable minimum product. It is a simpler version of a product, used to validate an idea before launching a great effort.

For example, a video class or an ebook that addresses what you have to teach in a more summary, without delivering all the content you have, and sell it for a value well below the price of your final product.

In order to sell your MVP, you will have to present it to your potential clients. To do this, write a sales letter. In it, you will tell your story, how you solved the problem you had and how you discovered the solution that your course offers.

To make your letter as convincing as possible, you need to answer these 13 questions:

  1. Who are you and what are you going to share?
  2. How did you try everything and you failed?
  3. What were the methods you tried, but they did not work for you?
  4. How did you finally find out what you were doing wrong and correct that mistake?
  5. How have you converted it into a method?
  6. Why are you sharing this method with people?
  7. What is that method and what are the benefits it provides and the problems it will solve?
  8. What is your course?
  9. What is the purchase guarantee you offer? (It offers a return guarantee of the total value in 7, 15 or 30 days).
  10. How much money would it cost the client if he used his own time to discover the method that you found?
  11. How much time can you save by investing in the solution you offer?
  12. What is the investment to obtain this solution? (Try to offer a total payment and payment options in installments with small interest).
  13. Why should I buy the course immediately?

Finally, it reinforces the results that your clients will have with the course, how much it costs for who buys today and the guarantee that you are offering.

After writing this letter, record a sales video using this letter as a script for the video.

You also need to create a sales and checkout page, which is the page on which your client will make the payment to buy your course.

Once you have made the pages and set up the sale, it was time to make your trial launch, to feel and evaluate the performance of your MVP in the market.

Invest in online ads on Facebook or Google, always segmenting the target audience of your course. These ads will take you to the sales page, where people can read your letter or watch the sales video, and they can also buy the course.

And so? Have you managed to sell enough to recover the investment you have made? Did you get benefits? Do you feel that your idea of course can work in the market?

If so, now you can start the production of the full format of your course, with all the content you have to review.

4. Create your online course

Now is the time to create your final product!

For the price we stipulate at the beginning of the post for your product, $ 114, we suggest you do your course in the video class format, because ebooks usually cost less than that.

Record the classes, edit the videos and put everything you know so that your product is as complete as possible.

With the complete course ready, you will make another sales letter, another sales page and a larger ad campaign, to reach more people and increase your chances of selling.

Repeat the strategies that have worked and correct everything that did not work well in the test launch.

To have a sense of time, our advice is:

Use 7 to 30 days to complete your course;

After, another 7 days to make the letter, the video and the sales page;

Finally, another 7 days to create the ads. Pay close attention to the titles of the ads and try different titles to see which one converts more.

In this way, after launching the course, spend the following days increasing the efficiency of your ads and the sales page, making tests and adjustments. Track the number of people who clicked on the ads, watched your video, and the sales that made the purchase.

5. Make improvements when necessary

After having the product ready and launched, you can review it whenever you consider it necessary.

Adjustments and improvements will be in your daily life as a digital producer. You will always seek to improve your course, your letter and your sales video, your pages, the content you produce for your blog and your social networks, your ads, and everything related to your product.

It will also be part of your day to day create new courses, provide assistance to your customers and students, associate with other producers and many other things that you will discover over time.

Ready to earn money online?

If you got here, you know how to make money online and you surely realized that it is possible to invoice $ 15,000 in 6 months. As we have already said, this task will not be easy, but if you persist, you will see that it is not impossible.

We try to show you here a more concrete way to generate income creating your own business without the need to invest rivers of money for that.

And to help you even more in this task, we recommend you to do the 30-Day Challenge, a totally free Hotmart course that teaches you step by step to create your digital course in just 1 month.

And so? Are you going to miss this opportunity?

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